The concept of liberation which is referred to as different terms in different scriptures depicts its meaning in various methods.

  • Moksha means freedom from bondage.
  • Moksha means destruction of delusion.
  • Moksha means loneliness arising from destruction of all bonds and
  • Moksha means entering into a stateless state of immutability and non-becoming.

We could conclude that it means acquiring self-knowledge of knowing who you are or what your essential nature is or knowing the truths concerning yourself and the world in which you live. According to atheistic schools which prevailed in ancient India long before, the beings returned to the elements when they died. They believed and suggested that four possibilities existed for each individual soul, upon leaving the world and achievement of the inner peace:

  1. The individual secures a place in heaven to enjoy the pleasures of heavenly life.
  2. The individual goes to hell to suffer greatly as a part of Its purification and penitentiary correction.
  3. The individual neither goes to heaven nor hell but remains in an intermediary state of limbo in the middle atmospheric region as a spirit or a ghost.
  4. The individual attains eternal Moksha .

As of all these states of the being were decided based upon the works, wealth and paths attained while its existence in the world. It is also said that those who achieve Moksha never return to earth, which is also permanent. While for the remaining states it is believed that based upon their karma the souls return to earth to take another birth as mortal beings and continue their existence as a second chance and the cycle repeats.

What happens after achieving Moksha? The answer could vary as it is entirely based upon scriptures, studies, research, perceptions and beliefs…
They individual becomes more aware of their own existence, surroundings and place in the universe.They can see things that are hidden and obscured by the senses and our own limited understanding of the way things only seem and not how they truly are. Certain dormant structures like the Pineal gland become active and more of our brain-power gets used. Hence, it could be considered as one of those things that cannot be explained or understood until it happens.

Now, let us come to the point what karma does the soul perform after attaining Moksha? Body requires actions to survive, grow, to feed its hunger but the Soul is not affected by all these qualities of being hungry or healthy, therefore no action is required by soul. Moksha is  a state of individual that is only attainable through the grace of god alone and only to those who deserve it. That is the body of the “realized man” continues to exist until his karmas and greater responsibilities have worked itself out, and then his mortal coil falls away on his own free will , and it attains Moksha.
It is believed that one cannot be deemed a realized man unless one has the noble qualities for it. So, such individuals have sterling virtues like conscience, lack of ego, gratitude, lack of desires- selfishness- greed- jealousy- anger- and fear, unlimited compassion, respect for universal laws, raised consciousness and humility.

While Moksha is the ultimate aim of all spiritual activity and this highest state is not affected by Maya , The Dreamer, The Deep Sleeper and The Observer And one experiences detachment and joy . How can one try to achieve Moksha? Are there any specific practices which are necessary to attain Moksha? Our scriptures suggest different ways to purify oneself and attain the stateless state of pure consciousness. One can consider three broad approaches which are believed to be effective as means of Moksha.

  1. Cultivating correct knowledge and proper discernment through various means and approach
  2. Transformation and purification of body and mind to achieve inner perfection
  3. Practicing devotion, concentration and meditation for a complete purification and to feel the ultimate inner peace

The obstacles faced between us and Moksha:

  1. Desires
  2. Attachment
  3. Ego
  4. Sinful activities
  5. Ignorance
  6. Nature

These mentioned are however important but there are many other forces and factors which bind us to the world and subject us to the cycle of births and deaths and creating a bondage restricting from achievement of Moksha. As Moksha means freedom from all bonds, holds, desires, limitations and death. Although one may think that we are free and live in a free world, physically and mentally we are subject to many limitations and relationships which do not let us live our lives freely or experience the freedom of unbound souls. There are many invisible chains that hold us bound to the world. Everyone who lives here is a prisoner of one’s own thoughts and actions. Our desires, anxiety, fears, emotions, feelings, thoughts, cares, relationships and natural limitations hold us back.

To be free from the bonds of the earth, we have to learn to live freely both mentally and physically and help eventually attain physical, mental and spiritual MOKSHA…

Absence of conflict creating intents is itself Moksha (Ultimate Inner Peace)

Let Us Join Our Hands And Take A Step Forward Towards The Achievement Of MOKSHA – THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY TOWARDS INNER PEACE…


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