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Mokshdaan helps individuals, non-profits, social enterprises, and start-ups for all their fundraising needs - be it small or large through donation or social crowdfunding, rewards crowdfunding, and investment fundraising.

Nonprofits or NGO Crowdfunding

Fund your NGO’s programs or corpus. Create a campaign page. Spread awareness through social media. Get donations

Social Enterprise and Start-up Crowdfunding

Fund your do-good or for-profit company. Raise grants or pre-sell your product/service. Attract potential investors

Corporates and CSR Crowdfunding

Multiply your CSR impact by donating to or making matching grants to trusted NGOs and by employee engagement

Community and Personal Crowdfunding

Fund your medical or education expenses, community initiatives, and other personal needs. Fund sporting events and marathons

How It Works?

FILL IN A QUICK FORMDon't let the word 'form' scare you. We just want to hear your story and it takes less than 2 mins.

SHARE YOUR CAMPAIGNWe've got all the weapons you need to take this story to the world. Share it on all social media platforms, we mean, ALL!

FEEL THE LOVEWatch the power of the crowd through donations. We accept payment in all forms, so nothing's stopping those funds from coming in!

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You can be helpful to society by contributing in a real needy situation. Start Campaign

Why Choose MokshDaan?

Not only your fundraising platform, we are also a consulting and marketing service.

Marketing and communicating strategy

Social media management and analytics

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Benefits of Mokshdaan

  • Get instant validation for your idea. Reduce the amount of time you spend on ideas that turn out not to be viable.
  • Test markets and assess demand for your project.
  • Generate buzz around your brand and establish a marketing platform that resonates with the target market.
  • Decrease the cost of retail fundraising
  • Increase your network of funders
  • Diversify your funding base
  • Increase awareness of your project

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