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Shraaddha (Sanskrit: ???????) is a Sanskrit word which literally means anything or any act that is performed with all sincerity and faith (?raddh?). In the Hindu religion, it is the ritual that one performs to pay homage to one’s 'ancestors' (Sanskrit: Pit?s), especially to one’s dead parents.

n practice, the karta (person who performs the shraaddha) invites Brahmanaas (individuals who are considered to be very noble, worthy, knowledgeable, etc.) that day, imagines they are his/her parent, performs a homa, serves them with sumptuous food,and treats them with all hospitality and finally serves “pinda pradaana”. (pinda—balls made of rice, given as offerings to the Pit?s). The Karta then gives "dakshina" (fees) to the brahmanaas. (There are various other actions done to show respect to the Brahmanaas, .In Hinduism this is considered as an antient rituals from satyug .Even in Ramayana God Shree Rram has performed  shraddha.


Mokshshil team will come to your place with karmkandi Brahmins with all required samgree  for shraddha.Brahmin will conduct a poojan for 2 hrs..If you want to go for one Sidha Dan than you have to bear 2000 rs extra..These will include charges for all samgree and shraddh poojan.