Asthi visarjan at chanod - Image
Rs. 2500

Triveni Sangam is considered to be very famous among Hindus who come in large numbers to perform last rites for the dead ones. Asthi Visarjan is one of the processes that are accomplished at this place and it is believed that the soul of a dead person will get satisfaction only when the rituals are completed at this place.There are various places in India where one should do asthi visarjan for moksh of the soul.Chanod in Gujarat ,near bharuch is one of the famous place for performing asthi visarjan.Kashi, Haridwar, Gaya, Prayag(Allahabad),Nasik ,siddhpur,Rameshvaram are another places for performing asthi visarjan.


Mokshshil karmkandi Pandit will come along with you to perform asthi visarjan at Chanod.You can book a taxi through Mokshshil where you have to pay taxi charges as per kilometres you will travel. It includes Pandit charges,Samgree and  required arrangement for asthi visarjan  at chanod  .Pandit will Perform asthi visarjan poojan and than visarjan will be done.