10th and 11th day vidhi - Image
Rs. 11000

  According to the science of rituals, rites such as til?njali and pin?ad?n (Ritual of offering of rice balls) should be performed beginning from 1st day till the 10th day. Visham shr?ddha should be performed on odd days. If that is not possible then uttar-kriyashould begin from at least the ninth day. Nowadays, however, pin?ad?n that should be performed from 1st day to 10th day is performed as a combined ritual on the 10th day. On 10th day, pin?ad?n is performed in a Shiva temple or in a temple of an inferior Deity situated on the bank of a river.

        After the pin?ad?n on the 10th day, a little coconut oil is poured on the ashma and it is immersed in flowing water.


10th Vidhi Materials

 500 GM Boiled Rice        

Panchamrut from home

Abil, kanku, gulal        

Janoi Joto

Sutar ni dori

100 GMs Jav

100GMs  Til

Tulsi Patra

10 pieces Leaf Bowl

10  Leaf Plates


 11th day vidhi materials

9 Shrifal          

7 Dhoti

1 Sari

1 Piece of Red Cloth Sathapan

2 Piece of Black Cloth

1 Piece of Yellow Cloth

1 Piece of Green Cloth

1 Piece of White Cloth

1 Piece of Orange Cloth

1 Kg Wheat

1 Kg Rice

?????  black lentils, Chickpeas, Green Gram (Mug) 100gms each

  Dry Cow Dung


Seasonal Fruits 10 to 12 unit 

Sweets 500gm

250 gms Jav

Paths and plates for puja from home

10 unit of vessel (Lota)

10 unit of  Tarbhana

5 Spoons from home      

Aasan for pandit from home

2 unit of glass from home

1 copper plate 

10 unit of Garland                  

Ghee 500gm

Janoi Joto 10 unit

Abil, Gulal, Kanku

Nadachadi 2 unit

Sutar ni dadi 2 unit

topra ni kachali 7 unit

 Cahsew, Almond, currant, Raisin, Dried Dates, Betel-nut, Cloves, Cardamom each 100gm

Incense Stick and matchbox  







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