12th and 13th Vidhi - Image
Rs. 15000

12th and 13th day vidhi are performed for the loved ones. Sapindikaran shr?ddha is performed on the 12th day. With the performance of sapindikaranshraddha, the individual attains the title of ‘Pitru’ and gets a place in Pitrulok. On 12th Day, Really speaking, it is appropriate to perform sixteen monthly shr?ddhas in the respective months and sapindikaran shr?ddha a day before the yearly shr?ddha; however, the present custom is to perform all this on the 12th day post-death itself.

Due to the rituals performed on the 13th day, the linga-d?ha (subtle body) penetrates the atmospheric range of earth and attains further momentum. Attaining momentum means cutting off all ties with his family members by the linga-d?ha and developing a relationship with God. To greet this blissful process of doing away with the attachment with the gross body and developing attraction towards God, everyone is invited for a meal comprising sweets as a symbolic gesture.


                                                12th day Ritual Ceremony

                -Rice- 500gm (If he is Brahmin)

                -Boiled Rice- 250gm(Other then Brahmin)

                -Rice- 1kg

                -white piece of cloth- 1

                - Padia and Patarda

                -Patla (for sitting)- 2

                -Asan- 3

                -Thaal, bowl and spoon- 5(from home)

- Tamba no traas

-Tulsi leaf (from home)

                                                13th day ritual ceremon

                 For Donation

            -Khaatla, gadlu and blanket


                -Bed sheet






                -Tooth paste



                -New clothes

                -Old clothes according to the customs

                -Soil pots(with kodiya)- 3,5,7 or 11(according to custom)

                -Accessories for decoration of female(if married)

                -Fruits 10 pieces 250 gm

                -vegetables 10 pieces 250gm

                -Grains 250 gm (7 types)

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